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I offer a free, 30 minute evaluation session during which we will discuss your specific problems and needs. During this session, I will show you some steps you can easily take to help restore business sensibility within your company. During this session, I will also present my programs, so you can understand the results you can expect from my support and can select the appropriate package.

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I have the experience and knowledge to bring structure, efficiency, and accuracy to your businesses. My expertise includes the following areas:
  • Internal Controls, Policies, and Procedures
    Many of my clients have extensive knowledge and experience in their area of focus. Companies don't survive on programmatic knowledge alone. Control procedures and policies create structure to ensure that each layer of management gets a clear picture of what's going on within their area of responsibility. Internal Controls and Forensic Accounting are my specialties - I have uncovered breaches of ethics and good business practice that were hidden from management due to a lack of proper structure, and restored proper management control.
  • Financial Management
    I identify where you have weaknesses in your financial process, and restore Fiscal Accountability to your organization.
  • Grant/Contract Management
    I have worked on both sides of grants and contracts - both as the funding organization and the grant/contract recipient. Funding organizations need proper procedures and reports to ensure that recipients are following the rules of the contract. Recipients bring programmatic expertise, but often need help creating the internal processes to ensure that all expenses are propery tracked and reported according to grant/contract requirements.
  • Team Development and Training
    Teams are made up of people. They must understand their duties, be properly trained, and sometimes coached to uncover and remove limiting beliefs and behaviors that interfere with team interactions. This includes owners, executives and managers - who, while may not engage in daily interactions with team members, still have significant impact on their activities.
    We all have personalities, and with personalities come beliefs, emotions, and behaviors that hold us back from living - and working - to our full potential. Successful companies require positive interactions among all your staff. Dysfunctional life patterns within any employee can complicate and undermine these relationships - and this undermines your company's success. I provide coaching at all levels of your company: owner(s), executives, managers, and staff, to root out conflicts, fears, and other dysfunctional life patterns that employees bring to the workplace.
    As part of my team building support, I've developed a series of "Lunch and Learn" coaching and training programs, casual discussions over lunch on specific topics relevant to your own workplace. I've found that these relaxed sessions often uncover hidden dysfunctions that work in the background to reduce efficiency.
  • Short-term Assignments and Operational Support
    I don't want to become an employee. However, there are times when it's necessary for me to fill the shoes of a departed employee, or take on some short-term project responsibilities. In such cases, one of my activities will be to find a qualified individual to fill the role and train them to perform the task so I can turn to other issues.

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