My first act – business – is what got me here.

Several years ago, I received a wake-up call that made me realize I was not living a life of happiness and personal fulfillment. I had to face an uncomfortable truth – that in achieving financial success and the so-called American Dream, I had become spiritually bankrupt and uncomfortably numb.

I had spent decades building a very successful business career and reached the pinnacle of success as the founder/CEO of a multi-million dollar consulting firm. I wasn’t about to throw all of that away, so I started to introduce changes over time. My advice is don’t quit your day job - change doesn't happen overnight.

As my journey progressed, I realized that I had a message that I could share with others: don't wait to live your dreams. You can live a life of success and fulfillment. I wrote my first book, Work Zone Madness! Surviving and Rising Above Workplace Dysfunction to help people advance their careers and companies - to avoid and overcome the dysfunctions that plague many business environments today.

I began to explore my creative side, which had been dormant for decades. My hidden talents began to emerge as I started a variety of creative projects. I unleashed my passion for clothing and jewelry design – and my own brand, Tseneh (pronounced 'tsee-nuh'), was born. The Tseneh story is about my journey to fulfill a lifelong dream and is documented in my book: Exposed – An Unexpected Journey from Fear to Freedom.

In 2016, I formed Tseneh Design Group and created the Tseneh web site ( to provide a platform for my creativity. All of my designs can be seen on the Tseneh website. My first collection is the "Fear to Freedom" jewelry collection, and includes pendants, bangles, earrings, and chains in a variety of materials - pewter, Mystic Bronze, and sterling silver. Each item has a specific meaning and is designed to mark a key event or experience on the journey of life.

Starting any new business involves risk and there is no guarantee that you be instantly successful. In fact it generally takes time to build a market presence in new field. I believe that, in this day and age, it’s a very good idea to have several revenue streams. By having multiple sources of revenue, if one or more streams slow down or dry up, there will always be revenue coming in. For this reason, I decided to reactivate my real estate licenses with Long and Foster in the Washington, DC metropolitan area (DC, MD, and VA).

In 1997, I started a management consulting firm, Executive Management Associates, Inc. (EMA) and grew it from the bottom up into a highly successful multi-million dollar business enterprise. I shaped EMA into a highly-respected, platinum-level company. EMA saved millions of dollars for our customers - and saved some from bankruptcy - by revamping their back office operations. As a result, EMA received numerous awards for its commitment to excellence and dedication to outstanding customer service. However, I found that I missed the challenge of working directly with businesses to resolve their problems. After 20 years, I closed EMA in 2020 so I could return to a personal consulting practice.

I believe in giving back - success carries a responsibility to share that success with others. In 2010, I created the non-profit Gilbert Slomowitz Foundation (GSF) in memory of my late father, Gilbert Slomowitz, a business leader and visionary. The Foundation's mission was to raise awareness about and fund scholarships for Transcendental Meditation (TM), a scientifically proven stress management technique. I learned TM as a teenager from my parents' influence, and I credit this practice with giving me the ability to thrive in today's stressful work environments. The Foundation awarded more than 500 scholarships to individuals throughout the world who lacked the financial means to learn this valuable technique.
In my consulting practice, I recommend TM as an employee benefit, not just on the basis of science, but as a result of my own experience. To help my employees deal with their stress, I offered TM as a benefit to all my employees, and about 25% signed up. The changes in my company were remarkable, and improved our overall performance as a team.

Back Office Mentor is my newest endeavor. It builds on the 30+ years of experience I gained helping businesses and individuals fix their problems. I focus on the back office because because it's the foundation for success in any business - and too few people understand how to organize and maintain this critical resource. A broken back office can cost you your business! If you have problems with your back office, or you need help navigating the dysfunctional environments in today's business world, let me know. I'm only an email away...

Nancy Slomowitz portrait
This photo was taken at a photo shoot - it was so much fun! Whatever you do, it should be something you enjoy. Life is too short to work in a job you don't enjoy.

Visit the Tseneh Design Group web site to purchase one of Nancy's unique jewelry designs.

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