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I offer a free, 30 minute evaluation session during which we will discuss your specific problems and needs. During this session, I will show you some steps you can easily take to help restore business sensibility within your company. During this session, I will also present my programs, so you can understand the results you can expect from my support and can select the appropriate package.

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My mission is to bring business sensibility to my clients. I’m a problem solver - with 35+ years of proven success in accounting, business management, and related systems. I’ve earned a stellar reputation, with impeccable past performance; I’ve solved all kinds of business problems and streamlined operations for companies of all sizes in multiple industries. I get the job done right the first time – I review your business processes and systems; recommend changes based on proven internal controls; train and build your team; and leave you in good hands when I leave.

Why should you hire me? My goal is to help you get your company (or division, project, or team) to a place where you can function independently, with out me. It's not in the interest of either of us to have me around all the time, performing your operations. Each business situation is unique, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, I bring a toolkit of time-tested methodologies to solve your problem(s). I will bring improvements in your operations so that, when I am gone, you don't lose the gains we have made together.
  • I use time-tested methodologies to solve problems
  • My stellar past performance across a wide variety of customers and industries is exemplifed in my case studies.
  • I will save you money by implementing internal controls and best practices.
  • I have more than 35 years of successful business experience.
  • I don't take shortcuts, sugarcoat the facts, or hide problems. I offer honesty, integrity, and expertise.
  • We've all had to learn how to use cloud computing and online meeting tools (e.g., Zoom) to work remotely. There are many activities that can be performed remotely, resulting in greater efficiency and time savings.
My promise to you: I promise to always:
  • Make your project my priority.
  • Do it right the first time.
  • Leave you with tools and trained staff to continue smoothly and independently after I am gone.

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