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Current Topic: Asleep at the Wheel
Jim Forbes is an award-winning American journalist, writer, producer, and correspondent. He was the narrator for VH1's Behind the Music and has been a contributing producer/director/writer for CNN, FOX, PBS, VH1, ESPN, E!, Telepictures, and United Television.

At the time of these interviews, Nancy Slomowitz was the CEO of Executive Management Associates (EMA), her award-winning management consulting firm. This wasn't Nancy's first business experience - prior to starting EMA, she gained experience in real estate, retail sales and marketing, graphics design, law, and accounting. This broad background across a variety of business types, combined with her own unique approach to business and management, resulted in numerous awards and recognition.

In this series of interviews, Jim and Nancy explore her unique business approach, discussing timeless issues that affect business owners, managers, and employees. Drawing on her extensive experience, Nancy offers insights on handling issues that affect businesses of all sizes and types.
Entrepreneurial Threshold
When do you decide to take your business to the next level? Can you still survive even if you don't take that step?
Doors Close & Doors Open
When one door closes, other doors open. Things happen for a reason - there are no accidents. There are always new opportunities, if you are open to them.
Health Benefits
Nancy discusses why she implemented a top-of-the-line health plan for her employees, and why she paid a significant portion of the cost.

Asleep at the Wheel
Many executives and company owners don't understand their businesses, and leave their back office in the hands of someone else.
Hiring Practices
Hiring is critical to the success of a company. Hiring the right people doesn't have to be a gamble - there are things you can do to increase your hiring success and reduce turnover.
Job Hopping
Why do people job hop? Don't do this for the wrong reasons.

Toxic Workplaces
Why do people job hop? Don't do this for the wrong reasons.
Life Experience
Your life is a portfolio of experiences, unique to you. Only you can decide your career decisions.
Meditation As A Benefit
Nancy talks about offering Transcendental Meditation as a free benefit to her employees, and what benefits this brought to both her employees and the company.

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