Exposed Titler Surviving and Rising Above Workplace Dysfunction

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Work Zone Madness Book Cover

Work Zone Madness! A new book by Nancy Slomowitz is a quick, entertaining read
This book is enlightening and fun to read, a series of short stories with a cast of colorful characters and situations you will surely recognize from your own place of work or career ... toxic personalities, incompetence, financial mis-management and turf wars to name a few.

Nancy Slomowitz worked her way up from back office clerk to CFO and CEO in the trenches of every industry. She demonstrates through her actions in each lesson of this book that, "whether you are an employee, a manager or a business owner, you have the power to effectively change your situation from the daily soap opera to a place of success."

There is no magic pill to swallow or 10-step program to follow.
Instead, Nancy urges readers to not follow the pack or play the victim, but to open themselves to a new way of thinking and the opportunities that are forever presenting themselves.

What People Are Saying about Work Zone Madness!
This book offers a unique look at new and innovative ways to do business and improve yourself as well as your company
- Bonnie Tiegel, Senior Producer, Entertainment Tonight

The wisdom of this book is priceless!
- Ron Posner, CBIZ MHM, LLC Managing Director

The author doesn't put herself on a pedestal. She simply brings honesty and integrity to the forefront.
- Anthony Camargo, Designer, CFDA Award Winner

It's no ivory tower dissertation
- Mark Belko, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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